Dani year 6

I pelted through the trees, taking in warmth as the sun beat down on me. I jogged to a stop and did a three-sixty turn, taking in my surroundings. Dried soil made comfortable ground underfoot and barely a leaf had fallen. Golden filters of light shone through the trees and birds chirped wildly, creating an exquisite sound. The forest seemed alive as a strong breeze made branches sway, crack and
weaken. Suddenly, the choir of birds fluttered away, making me feel vulnerable in a now haunted woods. The sunlight had dimmed, the wind gathered up forest debris…drip…drop…drip…drop…drip…drop…and I was alone…

A Comment on “Dani year 6

  1. I almost fell into the picture that your story created in my mind, I wanted you to carry on telling me more but the word count reached one hundred! Well done Dani, I love your stories.

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