Oscar year 4

“I must be in paradise!” I said to myself, rushing down the street. I turned around “Wow!” I whispered “A BMX rider! I’ve always wanted to be one!” All my friends buzzed around. Just around the corner I heard a voice “Honey! You forgot to put your sun cream on!” All my friends laughed.
Suddenly the street disappeared! Then my friends disappeared! Until every last thing was dark and gloomy…

Everything started to say my name “Dizzy! Dizzy!” I thought I was in a forest! The forest seemed alive as an arm reached out! A spider grabbed me. He swallowed me, licking his lips! Gulp!

Dani year 6

I pelted through the trees, taking in warmth as the sun beat down on me. I jogged to a stop and did a three-sixty turn, taking in my surroundings. Dried soil made comfortable ground underfoot and barely a leaf had fallen. Golden filters of light shone through the trees and birds chirped wildly, creating an exquisite sound. The forest seemed alive as a strong breeze made branches sway, crack and
weaken. Suddenly, the choir of birds fluttered away, making me feel vulnerable in a now haunted woods. The sunlight had dimmed, the wind gathered up forest debris…drip…drop…drip…drop…drip…drop…and I was alone…

Isabella year 2

As fish squiggle through the stream,
As owls start hooting with laughter,
The foxes prancing through the trees,
The little robins hopping around,
All over the Autumn ground.

Bees buzzing through the leaves,
As the forest seemed alive as a zoo.
And I know that you
Would like to meet these animals too.

Don’t forget the grizzly bear
Or the hopping hare.

When the bats flap around
The badgers scurrying on the ground,
In their sets, in and out,
For the rest of the night til dawn
These creatures hide away and sleep for the morn,