Amy year 6

My heart raced as I crept through the forest. The twigs were cracking beneath my feet. I trembled, wondering when I would wake up from this nightmare. The forest seemed alive as the long, armlike branches with spiny, fingerlike twigs reached down, and tried to grab me as I made my way deeper and deeper into the eerie darkness.
All I could hear was the owls’ haunting screech and the wind, whistling through the trees. There was a musty, damp feeling in the air that made me shiver, and an intoxicating smell of rotting vegetation.

A Comment on “Amy year 6

  1. Amy, this is a beautiful piece of writing. It’s so descriptive and conjures up wonderful imagery through your careful word choices. It leaves me wondering where you are going, where you have been and what is going to happen next! Well done.

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