Amy year 6

My heart raced as I crept through the forest. The twigs were cracking beneath my feet. I trembled, wondering when I would wake up from this nightmare. The forest seemed alive as the long, armlike branches with spiny, fingerlike twigs reached down, and tried to grab me as I made my way deeper and deeper into the eerie darkness.
All I could hear was the owls’ haunting screech and the wind, whistling through the trees. There was a musty, damp feeling in the air that made me shiver, and an intoxicating smell of rotting vegetation.

#week 39 prompt

This is the penultimate prompt of this year. That means there is one more prompt after this! Your writing is getting so much better with some excellent story lines. This week the prompt is:

…the forest seemed alive as…

Don’t forget to only use 105 words altogether. Make sure your writing makes sense and do go and visit some other pieces and leave a supportive comment.

The form will close on Saturday 5th July.

Dillon year 3

One fine sunny day I was playing in my back garden with a basketball. Then it got far too hot so I took off my jacket and when I took off my jacket I looked under me and I saw a golden button. When I pressed it…it exploded! I looked in the air and saw magical spots and when you touch them you get super powers. Then I flew into the clouds and met some cloud people and they gave me a sword and then they gave me finally a goblet. They asked me to stay so I did and I lived happily ever after.

Pippa, year 6

It was far too hot, sweat was running down my brow. My body was on fire. My insides were struggling to escape. Would this be the end? Was this really happening? I told myself it was only a dream. I gave myself a pinch but as soon as my long finger nails touched the delicate skin on my arm I winced, it wasn’t a dream. There was no way out, the heat was engulfing me, swallowing me into the mouth of despair. My life was changing, would I ever be the same again? No I would be stuck. Good bye………

Rosie year 3

One day we had a picnic and we packed sandwiches, cheese, ham, grapes, tomato, drinks, chocolate bars and plates. Then we set off to a field with a near by lake it was a long car journey but we finally got there. It was very quiet int he field but it was nice, then my brother said ‘oh no, the chocolate bars are melting!’
‘Oh no’ I said. ‘Its far too hot’ mum said ‘eat them, quick!’ So we did, every single one. Then we went home to bed. I dreamed about the picnic, the chocolate melting.

Mia year 3

My mum was cooking my favourite meal but when I tried it it was far too hot so I went on a job to wait for it to cool down but it was far too hot for running or jogging. When I got back my meal had disappeared. I looked for it but I got far too hot. Suddenly I saw my brother lying on his bed he was ill his temperature was far too hot. Then I saw some of my meal on his chin but how did it get there? Have you eaten my meal?

Freddie, year 3

One day there was a mountain race over the Rocky hills of America but it was far too hot for a mountain race. All of them were complaining about the weather but they could not was even harder when they had to carry drinks with us because it was so hot.when we started everyone charged off. I was trailing behind to save my energy so the last bit of the race some people were slowing down.

Dani, year 6

Crumbling rocks and painfully scraped hands didn’t help the hike. The sun blazed down on Hawaii’s largest volcano, things weren’t going to get better. You could feel the gentle breeze through your cuts, soothing the sting, and every step our group took, we were one step closer to the top.
“We have got to go in this thing!” exclaimed one of the hikers. He was crazy! We were all adventurous but it was far too hot to climb into a volcano! A pool of sweat was forming beneath me and shivers ran down my spine as the decision fell upon us either to go up…or down…

Will, year 2

One sunny morning I woke up and opened my curtains and saw the sunniest view ever (because it was the hottest day of the year.)I asked my Dad if I could have my friend round. When he got there we asked if we were allowed to have the paddling pool out. At first he said “No.”
We begged and begged until he would say yes. After a lot of begging he grumbled “ok.” Me and Alfie parted in the sun because it was far too hot and we were allowed the swimming pool out on a really hot day for once in a year. What a lovely day!

Christie year 3

hi I am Christie
And I am entered in a big competition in Birmingham tomorrow.
It is at the brat school and it is with my friends Mia,Ana,Esme,Jasmine and Jess. They are all sporty people. We love to dance but one of the issuses at dance club Is that it is far too hot. we all go to Enchants dance and we all run a tuck shop. Every one has a club t-shirt with them selves on the front.It is the day of the big triathlon and I am on the starting line
“take your mark GO!” SPLASH we were in the water…
I won yey!!!!!