It would be lovely to read your stories this week. Hopefully many of you can find some time to have a go, especially if it keeps raining! Maybe you could link it to your half term adventures?

The prompt for this week is a simple one! It is:

…but where could I go…

Make sure you really think about your story and use your 100 words wisely.
Please try to visit other children and classes and leave some supportive comments.

Email me your entries by 31st May.


Dani, year 6

Second day, third exam, fourth instruction.
“You’ll have 20 minutes for this test…if you get stuck, go onto the next question…” Mr.Rutherford spoke, the test booklet hiding his face.
“Your time starts…now!” A sudden sound of pages being turned abruptly stopped to the sound of scribbling pencils on the page.
“Ok, question 1…describe Sally’s attitude throughout…what!? How am I supposed to answer that?” Without knowing, I pulled silly ‘what does this mean?’ Expressions on my face! As I went through the paper, some
of the words sounded like a foreign language!
Well, it is a test…what do you expect! At least it’ll all be over tomorrow…

Danielle, year 6

“Yellow and black stripes…Two intact wings, lying on its side…Cause of death: three sting wounds to the head, looks like a wasp was the murderer,” Mini reported into his voice recorder. Ture was poking his high-tech body camera underneath the victim to detect any bombs or explosives. Nope. The bee lay limp on the ground while the two investigators worked nimbly around it.
“No identification held on the victim,” Mini continued. Ture had now moved from underneath the bee, to the sting. Mini and Ture weren’t just investigators, they were a team. They were Mini-Ture!

Will, year 2

Once there were two men. One day while the men were on an expedition one of the men saw a massive bee what was bigger than the two men. One of them thought of taking a photo of the bee and the other person.

As he was about to take the photo they saw two boxes on the floor. Instead of taking the photo they decided to run to the two boxes. Inside the box there was a slight disappointment, they thought it would be a million pounds, but instead it was smelly clothes. The men took the photo instead of wearing the clothes.

#week31 prompt

This week we have another wonderful photograph from Jane Hewitt. She now has an amazing book available with all sorts of suggestions and support for using photography in the classroom – ‘Learning through the lens’

As always you have 100 words to produce a creative piece of writing. Look closely at the picture and use your imaginations to tell a really great story. Please visit posts by other children and leave a supportive comment. We learn best from each other.

The form will close on 10th May just before midnight.