Ruby, year 5

Desperate and alone I gathered together my most precious belongings and stuffed them in a bag. I tiptoed out of my bedroom as silent as a feather gracefully dancing to the ground. When I passed my parents bedroom I halted and whispered quieter than the gentle summer breeze, “ I’m so sorry.” and continued with my trek to the unknown . I reached the stairs and slowly and quietly descended. I knew what I needed so I went into the dark kitchen and when I opened the cupboard door… there was someone watching! Who was it? Did they know my secret? I could never go home again! “Goodbye!”

Danielle, year 6

My gun was gone. Vanished, evaporated, disappeared, just gone! I was 11 years of age when it happened. Someone knew my secret, someone had broken into my life to find this out. Someone had stolen my precious nine-millimetre when my vulnerable parents were downstairs, minding their own business. Where could it be? Where…yes! I rushed downstairs to our safe, hidden professionally under the stairs. I squeezed the knob and when I opened the cupboard door—preparing my victory speech—a hand tapped my shoulder and I spun around in surprise! There, standing rigidly in front of me, were my parents… Watching me with the gun in my hand…

#week30 prompt

The prompt this week is:

… and when I opened the cupboard door …

Remember, you must use the prompt exactly as it is written. Make sure you really think about the words you use because you only have 107 altogether.

100 Word Challenge is all about supporting each other so do go and visit other entries and leave a comment. Put your school and location so that they know where you have come from.

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Isabella, year 2

Once there was a boy called Jerome. He saw a dragon sleeping on the grass and whispered to himself, “Don’t be afraid!” but the dragon woke up and looked at Jerome. Jerome ran off screaming but the dragon looked sad. Jerome peeped out from behind a massive boulder and the dragon smiled at him. Then he tip toed up to the dragon. The dragon told Jerome that he must never leave, but Jerome imagined his father worrying about him, so he went back, but the dragon grew weak and died. Jerome rushed back. He said “ I thought I had enough time” to get back to my dragon!

Elliott, year 2

One day I went on my tablet and played on minecraft. Grandma was sitting with me as Mummy and Daddy had gone out. I played on survival mode and made a train track. I was watching a Stampy Long Nose video when Mum and Dad came back. We were supposed to go on a bike ride but I thought I had enough time… to finish the film, but dad told me we had to go before it rained. We had a hour riding and it started to rain, we got wet riding back. I got to finish my video. Hurray!