Sebastian, year 6

Carefully, I poured milk on top of the chocolate powder, in my favourite mug, and whisked it all together. Then I put my hot chocolate in the microwave and dashed off to watch TV. The Simpsons was on and it was the treehouse of horror! Massive mutant advertising statues were attacking everyone, treading on cars and squishing houses and vans! I was transfixed. Quickly, I ran back to the kitchen, in the advertising break, and opened the microwave. There was chocolatey milk all over the glass plate. “But I thought I had enough time...” I gasped.

Danielle, year 6

Awaking to a constant sound of buzzing, I forced open my left eye to squint at my alarm. Sinking back into my pillow, I snapped bolt upright!
“What! Not 7, not 7!!” I was whispering as I hopped and tripped over my room, trying to accomplish putting clothes on. Mother’s Day; the hardest day of the year — joint first place with Father’s Day! Rushing (quietly) downstairs, I dragged out the toaster, slapped on the kettle, slid out a plate and skilfully put together a ‘breakfast in bed’. Suddenly, one step out of the kitchen brought five stomps down the stairs. Mom. But I thought I had enough time…

Amy, year 6

True Reflections

I thought I had been virtuous, in truth I had been wicked,
I thought I’d been loving, in truth I had been cold,
I thought I had been honest, in truth I had deceived,
I thought I’d been cheerful, in truth I had been miserable,
I thought I had been generous, in truth I had been selfish,
I thought I’d lived life fully, in truth big parts were missing,
I thought I had been good company, in truth I was alone,
I thought I’d been trustworthy, in truth I had not…
But I thought I had enough time to change…
My time is up.

Will, year 2

I thought I had enough time to run away from a wolf but it was late and it was my bed time so I rushed to sleep in the car with the car keys. But I forgot my pillow so I had to use the seat as a pillow. I had no dinner that night and I went to bed, hungry. Just then my dad had spare car keys and took me inside and I had a great big hug with my family. Outside the wolf was waiting on the bench. Just then the wolf saw another little boy teasing the wolf.

#week28 prompt

Here in the UK we have gone into ‘British Summer Time’. This means that we had to put our clocks forward which meant that we ‘lost’ an hour! The prompt this week is:

but I thought I had enough time…

Please email by Saturday 5th April, thanks.
There will then be a break from the 100 word challenge until 20th April so please take the opportunity to have a go this week. Good luck.

Alfie, year 2

Dear Sir,
I would like to be a night zoo keeper because I like night time adventures. I really want to be night zoo keeper with terrific powers on top! I can not imagine what it is like to be a night zoo keeper. I can not wait to be on the team. I also want to be on the team because I like different planets, monsters and zoos, yes, even lions! I am very excited! I think it is going to be grate fun. I want to be a night zoo keeper because it’s a good job.

Will, year 2

I would want to be the night zoo keeper because the elephants would call a meeting with the rat with a hat. The rat made a special potion to make all the monsters into an alligator so the alligator would eat the rest of animals. The plan was ready to be in action but rat still had to make the potion on his own. The time was whizzing away, the animals took one pace back so rat could throw the potion into the zoo and all the monsters would drink it all together so they would all be lovely animals.

Isabella, year 2

I would like to be a Night Zookeeper, because I would have a big, red and gold dragon that could burn
the monsters of Nilth into tiny ashes. I would put a bubbly potion in the animals food and there would be
a whole army of animals attacking the big monsters. The dragon would control the army and I would shout “attack!” There would be a massive stampede of pink and yellow , purple and light blue unicorns
with mighty golden horns, to charge at the Nilth beasts. Soon the monstrous beasties were killed and their spirits went back to Nilth.

Ruby, year 3

Why would you like to be a night zoo keeper ? Is it because you can spy with a giraffe. what if you needed to save the zoo from the nasty monsters of Nilth, because they are trying to attach the zoo. Well I still don’t know how to defeat them yet? I know lets make a magical position to put in the animals food. Then there could be acrobatic elephants and kangaroo’s that do karate. And a HUGE army of crocodiles and alligators. Now its time to get the monsters and never seen again.

Holly, year 6

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because of the amazing, friendly, creatures that you could be nose to nose with, to be able to prowl around with tigers, have water gun fights with elephants and roar tremendously loud amongst a pride of lions. Imagine swinging through trees with monkeys, attacking the monsters from Nilth with rotting bananas. It would be fabulous to eat frozen fruit from trees in the ice jungle with the lazy, orangutans. We together could defeat the lethal, threatening beasts, it’s a job of friendship, bravery and conquering fears and I’m up for it!