Edith, year 6

Pushing through the earth with a makeshift spade,
sweat pooling into mud beneath me, only the faintest pin-prick of light
visible. They call me the Mole. They slap me on the back and laugh and
I laugh with them, but each day’s harder. My eyes squint in sunlight,
my skin’s permanently engrained with dirt, my muscles ache. I crawl
into the tunnel and immediately the claustrophobia closes in. Sometimes
my lungs feel like a python’s constricting them and I think I’ll never
breathe again. But I carry on: this is my war, and one day the tunnel
will be ready for the Great Escape.

Will, year 2

A little, brown, dirty worm was pushing through the earth for a reason, nobody knew what the reason was but it was definitely a very important journey for the little worm. A little child in America knew why the worm was pushing through the earth. He said the little worm was on his way to Ibiza in Spain. Then he announced he will not come back to England, in the future we must find a lot more worms so we can make soil to grow trees, flowers and any other plants that we can grow in our big, lovely earth.

Isabella, year 2

In a land called Irasan, the Keepers of the Iradeyp were having tea. Suddenly, the Iradeyp exploded. Morgon the red dragon heard about the terrible news and got some children from the human world.
Charn the evil villain, escaped because he felt strong enough to break the stone in front of his prison and the children went with Morgon to find the Iradeyp pieces. Charn was looking for the Iradeyps as well, but Morgon and the children found them first and as they fitted the last Iradeyp in,
Charn died and there were spring flowers pushing through the earth.

Christie, year 3

It was nothing I could see. I took a few more steps and stopped. There it was again. Every time I stopped walking, the ground under my feet started to vibrate. As I looked further ahead, the ground before me started to separate…right before my very eyes. What was happening? Was it an earthquake? Was I going to fall into a giant crevice and never be seen again? Bravely I took one more step, I was finding it difficult to stay on my feet. My heart was pounding I was afraid to move…when suddenly pushing through the earth appeared…the cheesy grin of Gopher Broke!

Paige, year 3

If you try “pushing through the earth”, in an underground digging machine, you could go down really deep and see the earth’s core, mantle and crust. The core and mantel are made up of hot liquids inside the earth, and the crust looks like a big stone circle surrounding the two hot liquids. What do you think it would be like to travel to the inside of the earth? I think it would be very hot in there because of the liquids. It would probably be very dark in there, but really awesome! I would love to travel there one day……

Elena, year 4

Lisa was driving in her new shiny car listening to some pop music. She was going to Mexico City for a holiday. She got lost, she was so busy singing to a little mix song she turned right instead of left. She did not realise she was heading for Popocatepeti (a active volcano). Suddenly a burning rock crashed down onto Lisa’s windscreen, it smashed it! She screamed. She got out of her car and looked up to see a giant spurt of lava that was pushing through the earth and up through the volcano. What a start to the holiday!

Cate, year 6

Hammy the luscious pink hamster was walking in the long overgrown grass like a prowling cat. Hammy went there every day but unexpectedly a chocolate brown buzzard swept down and grasped her by two white as cloud paws…..

The buzzard landed in a twiggy nest, Hammy scurried away into the undergrowth and as she was pushing though the earth Hammy ran into a warm cosy burrow. As Hammy scampered down the burrow she met the rabbit Rosie.

Hammy was talking to Rosie the grey rabbit, fortunately Rosie new a friend that lived by Hammy’s house so they hopped off home!

Danielle, year 6

Pushing through the earth, Windclan resiliently carried on. They ambled for days to try and find a new home. Freezing Snow, bitter wind and hard rain had battled with the helpless clan, but the cats had won. Helplessly, the leader Tallstar, tried to encourage his clan on by helping the elders, but all they did was grunt!

As if things couldn’t get worse, Smokekit, (one of the kittens) suddenly fell to the ground! Goldenflower, his mother, rushed to the kittens side, a petrified expression on her face; what was the matter with him!?

#week23 Prompt

The prompt for this week is part of a sentence. Please remember you must use it in your writing as it is. You can add 100 words to it. The prompt is:

….pushing through the earth….

Please email by 1st March. Thanks.

Thank-you for all your brilliant stories last week. I loved the magical element, the picture was obviously very inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Isla, year 5

Grimble lives in a shining tree house across a bridge. He is a loathsome troll with big hairy ears drooping down to his shoulders, three eye sockets ruby red in colour and looked like deep, dark, disappearing tunnels and a giant nose which spread across his disgusting face like a wild, wondering creeper.

At midnight he shines a powerful, blinding light from his house which entices people from all over the country to come and worship him.
As they near the bridge, a grey mist shrouds the worshippers which turns them into troll zombies and puts them under his spell.