Christie, year 3

Jess loved crystals. She had a huge collection . Pink crystals were her favourite.
One day Jess and her dad went on a bicycle ride to try and find some new crystals. They stopped at the Victorian bandstand in Grand Central Park.
Usually the one-man band, wearing his crystal covered hat, would be here with his miniature gorilla that danced when he played, but today the bandstand was empty. Jess was really disappointed. As she turned to start the journey home she heard the tunes of the one-man band in the distance. Jess laughed, she would see the gorilla dance after all!

Lucas, year 2

Once there was a pink gorilla and she was walking through the woods when she saw a house that looked very grand because it had soldiers guarding it. Just then she saw a mouse walking out of the door of the sparkly mansion. Quickly she scurried over to the mouse and introduced herself. “Hello my name is Georgina, what is your name?”
“My name is Mickey” said the mouse” would you like to come and have an umbongo juice and then we could go on a bicycle ride, what kind of animal are you? ”
“I’m a gorilla” Georgina laughed happily.

Isabella, year 2

Once there was a miserable,orange gorilla who was dragging along his purple bicycle, but one sunny day
he met a pink, amusing snake who was a clown in a grand circus. “I know how to cheer you up!” said the pink anaconda, “come to my show and join in with me for the act!”
When the gorilla arrived, he found his clown costume. It had big red and yellow shoes and a spotty
clowns overall. Then gorilla stepped on to the stage in his costume. The anaconda sneaked up to the gorilla and went “boo” and a bucket of silver paper went flying through the air and landed on the gorillas head! The crowd cheered and the anaconda laughed. Surprisingly the gorilla laughed as well!

#week 19 Prompt

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Christie, year 3

Today it was her 97th birthday. She gazed out of the window. The reflection in the shed window was that of her old dance academy. There on the window sill were her old ballet shoes unworn for many years.

Blossom was her name. She remembered the posters that were displayed all around the town.


Blossom was passionate about her ballet . She had trained every night all through her younger days and had become very famous but now as she was too old to dance she enjoyed remembering her happy dancing days.

Very happy memories!

Macey, year 2

In a dark gloomy street there was a witch standing grumpy staring at a shop. She thought the shop was a bit dirty and needed cleaning up. So she broke in and started to clean the windows and then she mopped the floor! The witch then said to herself, “maybe I should work here and wear these pink shoes.” The witch thought she could call the shop, “Brooms and Shoes”. She started to put brooms and shoes in the clean shop and then the witch smiled because she was so happy. She had to go home and tell her cat.

Violet, year 2

Once upon a time there was a haunted shed with pink shiny shoes with a cute little kitten, probably only one. Her mother called the kitty Tiddles. Poor little kitty was lonely. Her mother was so sick, too sick to look after her adorable kitten. Then a little girl called Lola was coming back from school when she saw Tiddles in the shoe and went in. When Tiddles said “Hello, how are you?”, “Wow”, said Lola in excitement. So Lola carefully got Tiddles and took her inside and took care of her. But Tiddles’ mother died. Lola loved Tiddles forever.

Oscar, Reception

Emily had been walking to the park in her pink shoes. She walked back and had tea. She then tidied up and watched a dvd. She got ready for bed and a monster picked up her shoes and put them on the window ledge. He stomped back. He put them on the window ledge to cool down because he thought they were too hot and he wanted to eat them with curry and a glass of milk. He went up his big stairs and watched Aliens in Underpants on his big telly and chopped on the shoes. He loved them!

#week18 prompt

This week we have a picture prompt. I want you to look really closely at it and get those imaginations working. What can you see and what do they mean?

Make sure you use your most creative words. Read over your work so that you check that you are posting your very best!

Remember, it can be a story, an article, a poem or any other genre you choose.

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Christie, year 3

It all began in the town of Mixemupalot.

A town where nothing was normal.The trees were pink, the sky was yellow and the sea was white.

Down Sunnyside lane Mr Getitwrongalot (the local chef) was working on his new menu.It was the menu for the queen’s birthday party and as it was for the Queen it had to be just perfect.

His starter was treacle sponge soup, his main course was apple pie, mushy peanuts and gravy but his pudding was the masterpiece!

A huge vegetable trifle where the custard tasted like mustard…YEUCH!

Well, what else would you except in a town called Mixemupalot!