Elena, year 4

Once, a little girl called Keira found herself in a dar, spooky, little cave. Suddenly she opened the dusty cobwebby door, but there was nothing in there. Keira was puzzled! She was just about to leave when something caught her eye.a shiny, blue curtain. All of a sudden, Keira ran and ripped open the curtain, behind, there were all different colourful paints. Here were water paints and lots more. Just then the paint made a picture. Keira thought it was cool. She was very happy!

Will, year4

Once I went to visit Warwick Castle with my family. It was an amazing place to visit and my family I walked and explored the whole castle. Ethan and I found an old turret door. We ran upsets by step, we approached the door. Than knocked on the door but there was no answer. We went in. The room was full of rainbow colours d paintbrushes dancing. I called my mum and dad up to have a look. Dad got there first but the brushes stopped dancing.
“You called us up here just to see that! ” said dad.

Tilly, year 4

One frosty morning, an artist named Callum was walking up the stairs of the old tower where he worked, when Mickey came rushing down the stairs.
“What’s the matter!” asked Callum.
“All the paintbrushes are dancing!” replied Mickey.
“Let me see!”
So Callum and Mickey ran back up the stairs to check. He was correct. All the brushes were dancing around as if by magic. It was wicked old Clare using her magic again.
“We must stop her!”
“But how?”
“Easy, just follow my lead!”
O they got going and after one whole they did it!

Keira, year 4

Once there was a secret door that nobody opened. One day a little girl was exploring and found the door. Expecting it to be locked, she walked right on past. Suddenly, something caught her eye. The door was open. Elena opened the door further and inquisitively looked inside. In front of her lay a beautiful range of art materials. Suddenly, a magical paintbrush started to write. The words STAY AWAY stared back at Elena. Trembling with fear, Elena ran for the door. It when she got there, the door was locked. She was trapped inside the room FOREVER!

Sophie B, year 4

At the end of a long winding path, lived a girl called Millie. One day, Millie was going to Warwick Castle. At the end of the road, was a factory that Millie had never noticed before. It was called the ‘Art Factory’.
Inside there was a winding staircase to that led to a room with with a humongous range of art resources. Suddenly, a brush started to write on an easel.
“Help somebody, help me please! ” bellowed Millie, at the top of her voice. A man came running up the stairs, then shouted. “What has happened?”

Sophie C, year 4

At the end of a winding path, two parents were peering through a door. Suddenly, to their surprise, all the paints, brushes and paints pots in the room started to move. They wrote a message on the the blank page. They stood there, still, frozen in fear.
“Your future holds a good life, you have a son and your husband becomes the boss of the biggest company in the world. You become a news agent. But only if you can get out of the room.”
The parents turned and ran for they door. They heard it lock. They were trapped!

Edith, year 6

Once there lived a queen who asked a great artist to paint her. When
she saw his painting, her eyes filled with fury because it was not
flattering enough. She ordered him to be imprisoned forever. The artist
made one request: a canvas and paints.

For many years the canvas remained blank. ‘What can I paint when I see
only bare walls?’ despaired the dishonoured artist. People took pity on
him and sent him many beautiful, magical colours to inspire him.

One morning, the jailor looked in and saw a perfect painting of an open
doorway. The artist had gone.

Week 15 prompt

This is the last prompt for 2013! Thank you all so much for all your hard work – writing, posting, moderating. One thing is clear 100 word Challenge has helped lots of you to improve your writing and to link with other writers across the world. I’m sure 2014 will be an even bigger success!

So, with thinking about the future, this prompt is an illustration from The Crystal Mirror, by Tim Malnick, illustrated by Katie Green. Click to see what it is all about!

What story will you write on it? What adventures will your characters have? Make sure it is the most creative you have written this year. Let your imaginations soar!

The link will be open until 14th December and the showcase will be published on 17th December.


Edith, year 6

The crowd was going whoppy, enthusiasm and
excitement making everyone talk louder and quicker than ever. Cameras
flashed, shouts and whistles erupted from every side, making my heart
beat fast. A cheer surfed through the stands on a Mexican wave. Pop
music blared out as the athletes paraded onto the track, thousands of
hands clapping in time. More cheers, more flags waved, more ear-
splitting cries. As the athletes were introduced explosions of sound
burst out in different parts of the arena, followed by a united,
thunderous roar for Bolt.

And then the noise stopped.

90,000 people held their breath as the starter raised his pistol.

Alfie, year 3

And then the noise stopped, it was all quiet but Jill and Mark were still investigating what happened. What was that scream and why did such strange things keep happening in the class room? Where had the teacher gone, and where were all the kids?
It was at nine o’clock in the morning when the most peculiar thing happened. Jill found a secret passage way under year four class room floor. “Quickly” said Mark.” Let’s go down and see what’s there.” So down the secret passage they went, and found a mysterious door. Inside they could hear a strange laugh………