Violet, year 2

“I…i…it can’t be it’s agent . K.L”. “How do you know him?”said Mrs Mills,as they were having dinner. “What are you talking about dad?” said Violet. “It’s a good kitty cat, but it doesn’t know who we are.” They went upstairs to get a toy mouse to distract the cat and get her near to them. “Hello”, said the kitten. “I am called Wibble, I am here to see what this house is like, it is very scary”. They all started to go near the house when a angel
said “Hello I’m called Millie the magical angel”.

William, year 1

They couldn’t believe it was him……… they went to run but before they could he was stood at the door……… “Wait” he shouted, he looked even scarier up close. “I know you two, you smashed my windows with your balls last week”. “It wasn’t us” the boy said “It was our cousins Joey and Ruby, they sent us to check it out and find their balls!” He growled “I’ll give their three balls back this time but NEVER COME HERE AGAIN”. They grabbed the balls and ran……… straight to tell their cousins about the scary man!

Christie, year 3

“Wait! This is our chance to be famous. Imagine the headline ‘Kids catch Cameron Carr’”

“Are you serious? That guy is dangerous, he robs banks and raids jewellery shops”

“I know, that’s why it would be brilliant if we can trick him. All it takes is a careful plan”

“Even the police can’t catch him because of Charlie the chameleon, you know how once he holds Charlie, Cameron also becomes camouflaged and disappears into the background. We stand no chance”

“But I have a great idea, all it takes is custard!”

“Custard? Are you sure? How can that work?” ………..


Danielle, year 6

Not knowing where this letter will go, giving just few words of encouragement will help hugely. If you’re in the Philippines or heard of what happened in the Philippines, typhoon Haiyan has destroyed big parts of the country. It hurts to see children the same age as me losing their lives or loved ones. No child deserves to die or be upset, but nature happens. Try and fit every last bit of happiness into you and be strong. Come together with other people and try not think about the past, but about the joyful future. Keep going and stay happy…

Ned and Ianto

Dear children of the Philippines,

We understand you are heart broken because your houses have been destroyed. We hope your father has not been blamed for looting because we’ve heard the people of the Philippines are very nice people and it has mean punishments. I would like you to know you are not alone we are sending help then you will be relieved and happy. We think you don’t need to be worried and scared you are not alone. The whole world knows your disaster/tragedy help is being sent. Pupils from class three really care. we really do care.

Esme and Alfie

Dear children of the Philippines,

Don’t be petrified, sad or afraid, we will make you happy by helping you with houses. If your mother and father have died we will give you food, water, fun games, nice beds and a new school. You will be happy if we give you lots of love and lots of new friends. You will learn some new letters and good skills. If you are injured we will heal you. We are sorry the typhoon hit and destroyed your village. The winds will not last forever so help will come because everybody cares for you.

Mia and Paige

We know you feel dejected but soon help will arrive. We hope if help arrives you will feel joyful. The whole school is hoping for it to get better for all of you. The wind can’t last forever so if help doesn’t arrive you know it will get better. If help doesn’t come and the wind doesn’t stop at least you know we care for you and want to help you. There are already people trying to help like bottles of hope and Emergency Committee! Lots of people care for you. There are loads of people willing to help you.

Freya and Sam

Dear children,

Do not feel perplexed, numb and heartbroken we are trying to raise money to help you to find your family and help is on its way. We are doing our best we will send food,clothing, water, shelter and medical care to help your injuries when you are hurt. We will find your family soon but you might but you might have to go in shelters in the mean time you will not be alone in shelters there will be a lot of kids there because they have lost their family too. You are always in our hearts.

Hannah and Ajna

To children,

I know you feel bad but don’t worry. We all feel bad and sad sometimes. When help comes you’ll be ok and you’ll find your family if you haven’t got them. So you’ll be ok so don’t worry. We will help you don’t worry. You don’t have to be petrified or frightened we will help you no matter what. We will send help, food, juice and clothes. So don’t feel disappointed or lonely please feel better as we send bottles and bottles of help. So we will help no matter what’d omit feel dejected. Help is coming now!