Christie, year 3

The violent storm was approaching fast. I needed to get to shelter.
The sky was as black as coal and I could hear thunder growling like an angry lion. The force of the wind whipped up thorns and branches into my face.
The torrential rain was lashing down on my skin like a whip.
Every few minutes the lightening like a flashlight lit the muddy track ahead. Running faster than my legs would carry me, I stumbled over a rock.
Scared, injured and exhausted I lay there too weak to move. Looking up I saw the falling tree getting closer…….

Ben, year 1

I found some gold in the trees. I climbed up the tree and I saw the violent storm was coming. I jumped out of the tree and went back home. I showed everyone the gold and had a party in the park with my friends. Suddenly I saw a lightening flash and thunder bang in the night the rain came down and the wind was blowing fast. We ran to a cave we had a fire and burnt marshmallows and drank coke and we stayed up all night. When we woke up it was sunny and we all went home.

Danielle, year 6

As the night loomed on, rat stared at alligator, which still hadn’t answered his horrible, confusing question.
“What about that thing?…” Suddenly, the spiky figure whipped around and glared at rat.
“I know what to do!” He roared. Rat squeaked in terror at the loud noise. They both stalked outside. The violent storm was blasting cold winds, shivering they carried on together.

“What?” echoed a voice. All you could here was shallow breathing and a single water drop. It started to growl. Every breath turned into a louder screech. It didn’t dare creep out of the shadows. But it did.
“Your here…”

#Week 9 Prompt

This week we are back to normal after a great prompt from Night Zoo Keeper. Here in the UK we are expecting some violent storms so the prompt is:

… the violent storm was…

You need 96 of your own words to bring this to life. I look forward to seeing your innovative ideas this week – will you write an adventure story, a poem, a mystery, a sci-fi? The possibilities are endless! As the weather gets worse, you should be able to see, hear and feel the storm which will really get help bring your descriptions to life.

Email by 2.11.13

Oscar, year 4

“Time to feed the animals!” cheered the zoo keeper maniacally, “ The first is the vampire wasp bat whose name is Vampi. Vampi eats live animals, mostly snakes. Vampi can change size so he can eat any animal he likes. To capture his prey he tricks them into thinking he is a baby by looking cute then when it is close enough he puts them to sleep. Vampi hibernates for 3 months in the winter and then is hunting for the next 9 months, at the end of the 9 months he puts his catch of animals outside. Mwah ha haaa”

Nell, Reception

Spooky Lilly is a scary butterfly and she loves to play scary hide and seek. She likes to eat blood cabbage, broccoli and spicy cream. She likes to go to ‘Party blood area’, which is a place you can jog and she likes to flutter about in the play park. Lilly lives in a jungle, a hot jungle where animals live. Lilly goes to a fair and she goes to a blood shop, where there is blood for her dinner. She likes the circus because its on Halloween and she is a scary butterfly.
By Nell, aged four.

Jett, year 1

Doctor Vampire lived in the night zoo. He looked like a dangerous creature because he had blood all around his lips. He had a black cloak on, he had red eyes and he looked like he had been burnt in lava. He was very, very, very scary. He looked like he had died and he had a crown made out of gold and diamonds. I saw him and I got two golden swords and charged, he pulled two silver swords out of his cloak. We had a fight, there was crashing and banging. I won the fight in the end.

Ned M, year 3

Doctor Demon lived in the night zoo he really was human but turned into a demon in a science experiment. He had a silky black cloak and he liked spiders. He swapped spiders for kids teeth, big no, not big spiders but spiders twice the size of tarantulas’. He made potions from teeth; he made robotic spiders out of teeth. He had a big black beard, he had earrings made from teeth and he made powders’ from teeth. He also had 12 spider minions they all ate teeth but they followed orders. He used all of these to scare people.

Ianto, year 3

One night for a dare, me and my friends decided to go through the graveyard which was next to the abandoned Zoo. Suddenly out of nowhere dust crept up behind us, it felt like a prowling tiger about to pounce, instinctively we looked behind us and saw a strange looking house. Then we started to murmur amongst ourselves “Where did that come from? “ It was 100 steps to get to the eerie house, we went around the back and to our surprise there was a lift. It led to a golden eagle with extremely fierce talons ……to be continued!

Isabella, year 2

One gloomy night, when it was storming wildly, the ghastly Cackleampire was lurking
around waiting for it’s new house to be built. It was a dragon-like monster with popping-out eyes and a scaly tail and it made the ground quiver with its shriek.

Soon the house was built and then the Cackleampire moved in. She took a trumpet and a
suitcase. When she stepped inside, everything changed in a flash and soon there was a beautiful porch with flowers on, the windows were fixed and the house was painted dark red.