Ana, year 3

Long ago there was a Tortoise prince who lived in the sea. One day the Tortoise prince was eating when a wave washed him up onto the pavement by the beach. He was angry so he strolled off down the pavement. He saw an art shop and wondered what it was. He went inside. The artist was on a ladder and the clumsy tortoise walked right into it. Orange paint everywhere! The orange tortoise was very angry. Even more angry than before. The tortoise went back outside and saw his friends. He waved, but they laughed because he looked funny.

Edith, year 6

The lonely, starving shipwrecked sailor lay beneath the swaying palm tree. Funny patterns of light were cast down and lulled him into a dream. While he slept, the viciously hot orange sun beat down on him, but he dreamt about walking on a rain soaked pavement in London. Folk climbed into horse drawn carriages, friends waved to each other across the street, women bustled with baskets. The sailor opened his dreary eyelids as he struggled to his feet, feeling even more desperate than before. A turtle emerged from the waves and crawled up the beach. The sailor smiled: ‘Ah, dinner!’

Amy, year 6

Lily had a favourite toy, I guess that we all do,
She’d drag it up the pavement, it was far from new.
Originally it was orange, but now was more like brown.
She is so very funny, she waved it all round town.
So now you may be thinking ‘just what was this toy?’
It was a cuddly turtle, who she’d fondly named ‘Roy’.
I love my little sister, but honestly I must,
Get another turtle whatever be the cost!
The only trouble is you see that Lily can be picky,
Finding her the right one could be rather tricky.


Emma, year 6

There was a beach and a wave and an extremely curious chameleon and a tremendously adventures Tortoise that one day came from their natural very different habitats and floated along the sea very calmly but eventually met and fell instantly in love. They had an epic baby called Dave Sandytoung.
He grew up to be a colour changing Tortoise which ,as it happened, was a massive discovery in the island of the United Kingdom. People would walk down the pavement and chat about it to their friends they waved to every day, he was called the funny orange/blue Tortemeleon!

#Week 5 100 Word Challenge Prompt

The prompt this week is a little different. You have 5 words and these must be in your 100 words. If you can highlight them in some way so that your readers can see them, that would really be great. The words are:

Tortoise (Turtle)

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Have fun with this one – the possibilities are endless! It would be great to see some adventurous describing words and a variety of sentence openings.

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Alfie, year 3

Once upon a time Daisy was running back from cross country when she saw a little wooden door. Daisy had never seen the door before, she was determined to investigate. Behind the door the room was dark in the middle was a witch. “Drink this” she said. Daisy drunk it “yuck”. At that moment she turned into a mouse!
The next day was the race, she had to find a way back! She ran, faster and faster until she saw a magician. Drink from the pot of legs, and you will return to normal and win the race, he said.

Freddy, year 4

One day there was a Llama called Steve and he was a magic talking llama! When Steve went for a walk he bumped into a old man.”HEY! Watch where your going!”shouted Steve.
“Sorry, wait a minute a talking llama?” Said the old man. “Great plant this magic runner bean in this pot and chant pot of legs 3 times.” So Steve and the old man set off to a cave to plant the bean. When they planted the bean Steve chanted pot of legs 3 times. Suddenly 7 legs popped out and then the legs started to kick.

Magaidh, year 4

Once there was a pot that wanted to walk. He got a friend that planted toenails, to plant toenails in his pot, this friend had already grown legs so he knew how to do it. But he didn’t want any old legs, he wanted long painted legs. So he asked his friend to paint the toenails different colours. He shouted to his friend the watering can “can you come and water me mate”? “I’m coming” shouted the watering can. After three weeks he grew multicoloured legs and plant was so happy. “I can’t believe I grew legs, I’m so happy!”

Ana, year 3

Once there was a boy who found a magic pot. Overnight the pot grew an ugly face!
One day the pot grumbled “feed me”
The boy said “but what do you eat?”
The pot whispered slowly and carefully…” fresh human blood!”
The boy felt scared but he had an idea! Overnight, while the pot was sleeping, he made some wooden legs and painted them red. In the morning the boy picked up the legs he had made and fed them to the pot. The pot was happy at first but then choked and all the legs went floating above him.

Emma, year 6

Once there was a tango loving scientist who studied
astrophysics but became depressed because his legs
exploded in an unfortunate experiment. One day he went to
his lab, took an old painted garden pot and made some new
legs using red and black dancing shoes, his luckiest socks
and aspirin for comfort during the Argentine. He put it in a
massive oven for 4 hours at 200 degrees then 2 legs
suddenly erupted. He stuck them on with super-glue and
was a great tango dancer again. He won ‘Super Scientist’
and used the winnings to pay his electricity bill.